Vibrations that expose the most painful points of modern society.

Vibrations that will reach your thinnest strings of the soul.
We hide our thoughts, thinking that we will not be understood.

We live our loneliness inside, remaining outwardly unperturbed.
We feel vibrations, low and heavy.

And everyone is afraid to admit how much he has lost contact with himself and other people.
On October 13, an old mansion in the center of Moscow threw off the shackles of past centuries and exposed itself to meet the spirit of the new time. Candles and neon, the smell of velvet curtains and dramatic incense, in the halls decorated with stucco, there is a menacing hum of space vibrations and a rare synergy of people working on creating a huge artistic canvas.

The guests of the event were Irina Khakamada, poet Katarina Sultanova, blogger Evgenia Gladkina, art critic Olga Leffers, producer and CEO of Mosconcert Ilya Bachurin, artist Dima Huntselweg, gallery owner Alina Kryukova, actors Zurab Miminoshvili, Gita Javid, playwright (Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky) Dmitry Minchenok and many others.

The evening was opened by a performance by artist Diana Ace. On one canvas, the guests, and this is at least 150 guests, were invited to express themselves picturesquely: someone left a touching heart in a corner, others with a sweeping brush confessed their love for Jesus and each other, painted mysterious profiles. There was also a studio in the hall for self—customization of T-shirts in the style of Vibrations, and on the contrary, in the corner of the art critic Olga Leffers, guests could touch precious antiquity - vintage outfits and jewelry of luxury brands. The space was hypnotized by the most powerful energy of co-creation and pulled further along the mystical corridors of the mansion in search of new experiences and new meanings.

As part of the manifesto, a public talk was held with Jazz Radio: Anastasia and Peter Voloshin, the authors of such an innovative direction of self-development as fluidic dynamics, discussed the topic of vibrations and why some people become in demand in their work, while others fail, despite their efforts.

The culmination of the evening was the show of the epic, cosmic Natalia Simakova accompanied by a symphony orchestra and choir. And not even a show, but something akin to a spiritual experience, when the performer and the audience were connected to the same channel and lived together pain, fears, passion, love, obsession, emptiness, power and weakness. Everything is through music, movement, through subtle attunement. The sounds of the harp lifted to heaven, the choir, which refused to ascend to the stage, but remained in the auditorium among the guests of the evening, danced chaotic, almost primitive dances — there was so much power and naturalness in their living existence. Holiday of the soul. Birthday of the heart. The triumph of the spirit.

See, Hear, Feel – became the leitmotif of the Vibrations art manifesto. Everything seems to have succeeded, and with an abundance.

The show is over, but the show continues. The schedule of events of the Vibrations project is built for a year ahead, which means that viewers are expected to find new locations, new themes and meanings, and many, many acquaintances with musicians, artists, performers. You can track the schedule of the following productions and listen to the soundtracks for the art manifesto on the project's website

The author of the project, Natasha Simakova is a singer, producer, leader of the SiberiaHills group, author of soundtracks for the films "Heat", "Grandmother of Easy Virtue", the TV series "Infidelity", an actress who has played in many Russian films, for example, Down House and Zero Kilometer, producer and author of music and lyrics of Russian musical groups, her the songs became soundtracks and occupied the first lines in the charts.
But on October 13, at the premiere show Vibrations, her completely different role was revealed — a sensitive creator and a breakthrough leader of modern performance.
that AWAKENS the SPIRIT and sincerity of the
The conductors of our strong and high vibrations are the art
Epic and cosmic
Hanna Zivia
Music, symphony orchestra of 28 musicians
Art therapy
Hanna Zivia (Simakova)

Creative producer
and founder
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Art critic
Diana Tuz
Symphony orchestra
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